I’ve collected plenty of pictures over time, so I made this archive of personal favourites to showcase the ones I’m most happy with.

Concierge, Pulitzer Hotel Amsterdam
Manara, Beirut
Artists’ Garage, San Francisco
Calvin, Plant22
Olivia & Agustin, Amsterdam
Colours, India
Girls, Beirut
Tim & Fred, Plant22
Sunset, San Francisco
Evening, San Francisco
BMW, San Francisco
Fischparadies, Cologne
Ginkgo, Vienna
Blue, San Francisco
Agave, San Francisco
Live Crab, San Francisco
Bamboo, Vienna
Bougainvillea, San Francisco
Goo, Iceland
Rooftops, San Francisco
Goo 2, Iceland
Jökulsárlón, Iceland
Jökulsárlón 2, Iceland
Vapor, Iceland
Trees, Iceland
Glacier, Iceland
Ice, Iceland
Westfjords, Iceland
Reynisfjara, Iceland
Arctic Fox, Iceland
House, Isle of Wight
Cliff, Isle of Wight
Wave, Iceland
Gradient, Austria
Beach, Isle of Wight
Objects in the Mirror, Iceland
Neptune, Iceland
Sunset, Iceland
Cliff, Iceland
Carpooling, Gerlach
Toyota, Iceland
Palm, Plant22
Office, Plant22
Shelf, Plant 22
Belvedere, Vienna
Living Room, San Francisco
Rooftops, Beirut
Kunsthaus, Graz
Carcass, San Francisco
Flowers, San Francisco
Gradient, Iceland
Artists’ Garage 2, San Francisco
Westfjords 2, Iceland