EarlyBird is a side-project I’m working on. A new kind of marketplace, a community of buyers and sellers that’s secure and that’s both easy and fun to use. Think “fleamarket” – but as a web app, minus the fraud and the frustration.

Under the hood

EarlyBird is basically a React/Apollo front-end that interacts with a MongoDB storage through a GraphQL server. We tried to keep complexity and configuration of the whole setup at a minimum and used create-react-app to scaffold the front-end as well as graphql-yoga for the server. Love how far these tools got us already!

When can I kick the tires?

The goal of this project was primarily just to get more comfortable with all the tools and utilities involved in building modern web applications, rather than creating yet another marketplace service really. That said, I do believe that there’s room for this after doing a few rounds of brainstorming and getting more and more excited about the ideas we have for EarlyBird.

There’s a working prototype with a small set of features, but nothing like an ETA. We’ve bought a bomb domain though and put up a site where you can sign up to get updates on our progress: https://earlybird.lol 👯‍

Why “EarlyBird”?

Okay, so when in 2016 the talented David DeSandro of Metafizzy ran his first installation of Logo Pizza, I managed to snatch the first logo being sold for $40, with the idea in mind that I’d someday use it for a side-project.

After having this logo lying around for 2 years, I finally found a use for it and I needed and accompanying name. I’d ask my girlfriend – who’s also an amazing copywriter – if she can think of a name that’s somewhat related to fleamarkets and birds and it took her two minutes to come up with “EarlyBird” – from “the early bird catches the worm” and the fact that you need to get to fleamarkets early in order to get your hands on the best stuff.