About me

Though the homepage of this site says that I’m a developer in Amsterdam, I’m not Dutch, but grew up in rural Austria. It was a few coincidences later, by way of Victoria and Vienna, that I ended up in the city where ice skating is an important mode of transportation. After I had convinced them I’d be sort of both, designer and developer, the friendly people of Bolden asked me to come work for them full-time.

Fast-forward a few years, I’m now working at TicketSwap, a bootstrapped Amsterdam scaleup in the ticketing industry. There I get to do what I enjoy doing the most: Working at the intersection of design and technology.

About this site

This website is all static HTML files generated by GatsbyJS (which btw is amazing and I absolutely love it!) with content stored on Contentful and generously hosted on Netlify’s servers. The source code is in a public repository on GitHub in case you’re curious. The typeface used is IBM Plex by Bold Monday, a Dutch foundry. And I love Holland 🌷🧀 yay!

Thanks for sticking around and reading all this! Here, watch a hairless cat scratch its head on a guys’ beard.