Rppld.co is a small design and development company building digital goods for screens of all sizes, run by Philipp Rappold.



Philipp Rappold is an independent information designer and web developer. He is living and working in Vienna, Austria, where he spends most of the time obsessing over consistency in his designs and code. Philipp maintains an amicable relationship with his clients, fellow Viennese design and advertising agencies and a few hand-picked colleagues he often collaborates with.


—Information Architecture & Design

Clearly structured, thoughtful layouts and consistent visual tonality through extensive research, strategy planning and wireframing for modern user interfaces and responsive web design.

—Web Development

Maintainable and sustainable markup for performance-focused responsive webpages, templates or modular pattern libraries. Content management system and e-commerce integrations.


Product strategy guidance, code reviews, user interface design and web development consultancy.